HSM - Customer satisfaction is important to us

"... Sein Umgang mit Kunden und Kollegen war stets korrekt und freundlich. Unter seiner Führung wurden die Projekte immer fristgerecht und auf höchstem Niveau abgeschlossen. Jedes Projekt wurde zur vollsten Zufriedenheit der Kunden und der Vertragspartner realisiert."

F.W. Deutschland.

“Wir arbeiten schon seit einigen Jahren mit Peter Howe zusammen und haben schon viele Projekte gemeinsam realisiert. Was die Zusammenarbeit auszeichnet ist das ständige Streben nach Optimierung der Arbeitsabläufe und der Qualität der Montagen. Peter Howe ist erst zufrieden, wenn wir es sind. Das ist eine gute Basis für eine hoffentlich noch viele Jahre dauernden Partnerschaft.“

Bintec GmbH & Co. KG, Deutschland

Unsere Kunden waren sehr froh, dass Peter an ihren Projekten gearbeitet hat und sind sehr zufrieden mit seiner Arbeit. Ich kann Peter Howe nur weiterempfehlen und würde mich freuen, wenn er mal wieder für uns arbeiten würde.“

J.R., Dänemark

To be a leader in industry requires excellence and reliabilty from all aspects of your company. From Sale, to Design, to Construct; the expectations of the customer must always be exceeded. Your chosen silo erection team is a reflection of your own company.

- Peter Howe

With more than 40 fitters we are able to cater to all projects.

HSM – You can expect more from us

We understand our business

For more than 15 years we have been at home on silo construction sites all over the world. Many well-known companies entrust us with their projects – since they know that professional, dependable and partnership-based project delivery is self-evident for us.

Safety is key – for you, for us, for everyone.

We are the only large firm in the field of silo installations in Germany that is registered in the accredited „roll of craftsmen“. This has fundamental advantages for you, the client, since in the unlikely event of an incident, you can be assured to really be covered by the construction-site insurance.

Safety is key! We simply owe it to our customers, to the installation crew and to ourselves. Therefore, we concluded a unique insurance policy that includes comprehensive cover for all workers on the installation site – also sub-contractors.

His dealing with Clients and Colleagues was always correct and friendly.  Under his leadership the Projects were always completed within time and to the highest standard.  Every Project was completed to the fullest satisfaction of the Client and the Contract Provider.”

F.W., Germany.

HSM – personal attention and transparency

HSM - Staff

Alexandra Papadopoulos

Assistent to the Managing Director

Peter Howe

Managing Director
Project Management, Swinburne University of Technology, AUS.
Metallbauer HWK Reutlingen

Susanne Burghardt


Alexandra Papadopoulos, Peter Howe, Susanne Burghardt

The short-cut to greater efficiency

Flat hierarchies and a fixed contact person are the basis for efficient, trusting business relationships.

At HSM you will find an experienced team – in which everyone knows what needs to be done, gets on with things and thinks proactively: fastidious when it comes to the reliability and quality of our work, yet relaxed and friendly in our interactions.

If you are looking for a competent and engaged construction partner, then you should get to know us!

Everywhere on the globe, in a wide range of sizes, and with varying functionality and requirements.

HSM – Silo installations of the highest precision

When the best is only just good enough

Approximately 400 silos in the last 10 years speak for themselves: everywhere on the globe, in a wide range of sizes, and with varying functionality and requirements.

We are completely at home in the business of silo construction and provide everything from installation and repair through to dismantling from a single source.

Know-how and top-rate equipment

Our staff and equipment are regularly put under scrutiny – and constantly brought up to the technological „state of the art“, for example, through internal and external training of our personnel, and regular maintenance of our equipment.

This makes us a high-performing partner for delivering complex silo construction projects, where dependable and precise work methodologies are obligatory.

HSM – Material Handling of the highest standard

Why search afar when what you need is on your doorstep?

What is more logical for a silo specialist than to provide the installation of Material handling systems as well? Nothing. Hence, from 2005 onwards, Howe Silomontage added projects for the installation, repair and dismantling of Material handling technology to its portfolio. Our experience in silo installation and our extensive equipment and erection gear are an indispensable asset in this area as well: both for us and for our customers. Needless to say, also in the Material handling installation business – we’re only satisfied once our customers are satisfied.

More success by exploiting synergies

Constantly evaluating and implementing solutions for additional challenges beyond our well-trodden paths, is the secret to our continuous improvement. Our bench-mark is the highest standard – so that we can guarantee quality of the highest level to our customers.

With more than 40 fitters we are able to cater to all projects.

HSM – There wherever you need us, with contract Supervisors

Quality without borders

Germany, Russia, Morocco, Ukraine, Great Britain, Libya, Mongolia…? No matter where you need us: you’ll find us there with our contract Supervisors. Flexible, worldwide and multilingual – it’s self-evident for us as an international construction company.

Perfection drives us

Our project managers and supervisors are in great demand all over the world to lead and supervise construction teams. Technically highly specialised, accustomed to motivating and leading people from different cultures, they work systematically and in a structured way. Using detailed hand-over and approval check-sheets, they scrutinise the entire construction site before the assembly teams may leave it. This leads to an early detection and correction of errors. Are you looking for the perfect installation company? We gladly accept the challenge!

HSM - Unsere Referenzen

Ein Auszug unserer Projekte

Are you looking for the perfect installation company?
We gladly accept the challenge!

Peter Howe
Howe Silomontage GmbH
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